Seasonal Work Visa for Europe

For a visa application for seasonal work purposes, the following documentation is required: 

  • Petition application in writing;
  • A valid passport or other travel document for the length of the trip;
  • A passport photo
  • Return flight;
  • Dependable travel insurance that covers required medical costs, medical emergencies, and medical repatriation;
  • When the applicant is of a nationality other than that of the nation where the visa is requested, a certificate of being in a normal position;
  • Proof of financial means, as required by law and as determined by the relevant government body;
  • Work agreement or legitimate job offer for seasonal employment with an employer based in Portugal that specifies the place, time, kind, and length of the work as well as the pay and vacation time;
  • Compliance with national legal standards for that profession in the case of regulated professions is essential;
  • Adequate medical coverage, on par with that supplied to inhabitants of the country, or medical insurance for any times that may not be covered by adequate medical coverage, in addition to work accident insurance offered to the employer;
  • A rental agreement or an equivalent that provides dignified housing. In accordance with current legal standards, the employer may also offer accommodations.

The job activity has to be listed on the list of industries where seasonal employment is permitted as determined by the appropriate authorities and the current sectors are:

  • Agriculture, cattle, hunting, fishing, and related activities;
  • Hospitality;
  • Food, alcohol, and tobacco sectors;
  • Gross and retail trade;
  • Construction;
  • Land transport.
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