पोल्याण्डको लागि स्ट्रबेरी फार्ममा काम गर्ने कामदारहरु तुरुन्तै आबश्यक-अप्लाई गर्नुहोस्।


Age: 18 – 55
Experience: no
Schedule: Mo-Sat, 10h shift
Location: suburb of Warsaw, poland
Salary: 2 700 PLN – 3 247 PLN
Hourly rate: 12,5 PLN
Condition: indoor work
Male, female, couples

Males are engaged in soil preparation (dealing with fertilizers, soil amendments, and soil mixes)
Females are engaged in strawberry planting stocks (selection, planting out, follow-up)

Ассommodation: dorm rooms for up to 5 people are provided by the employer (250 PLN/month deducted from the salary)
Free transportation to the workplace. 15 min walking distance.

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